‘The Netherlands has no gastronomic tradition and the Dutch lack a refined taste.’ Sounds familiar? Saar Niermeijer and Gaston Franssen will reconstruct this national culinary self-hatred and explain the social function at the coming Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food.

Photo: Westenberg, Nationale kookboek (1893)

Registration for the 2017 Symposium is now open

Registration is now open for the 4th Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food, scheduled for 17/18 November 2017.
Theme this year is: Making Sense of Taste. With a keynote lecture by Peter Klosse and paper presentations by scholars from across the globe.

Symposium fee is €60 (reduced fee €40).
To register please follow this link.

Gouffe – Livre de patisserie (1873)

2015 Joop Witteveen Prize to Jet Pijzel-Dommisse

Nederland dineert, an exhibition catalogue edited by Jet Pijzel-Dommisse, has won the 2015 Joop Witteveen Price. The Prize, a plate designed by Joost Swarte, was presented to her by Steph Scholten, Chair of the jury, on 4 November. Jet Pijzel curated the Dutch Dining exhibition at the Haags Gemeentemuseum held from 17 October 2015 till 28 February 2016. Experts on different subjects have contributed to the catalogue: Barend van Benthem, Nicolaas Conijn, Lizet Kruyff, Eva Schimmelpennick-Hartman, Marleen Willebrands and Sanny de Zoete. Nederland dineert, vier eeuwen tafelcultuur is published by Waanders & De Kunst.

Photo: Monique Kooijmans


John Halvemaan wins 2015 Johannes van Dam Prize

johnhalvemaan-2016-fotomoniquekooijmansThe Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam announced John Halvemaan, Chef Proprietor of restaurant Halvemaan in Amsterdam, as the winner of the Johannes van Dam Prize. The prize will be awarded on 4 November 2016 at the start of the Kookboeken7daagse. Halvemaan is the first Dutch winner of the Johannes van Dam Prize, which has been awarded three times before, to Claudia Roden (2012), Harold McGee (2013) and Carlo Petrini (2014).

Photo: Monique Kooijmans