Ingrid de Zwarte


Ingrid de Zwarte (1988) received a bachelor’s degree in History (2010) and Slavic languages and Cultures (2011) at the University of Amsterdam. In 2013 she graduated cum laude from the research master History from that same university with a master thesis on food distribution and relief in the cities of Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Groningen during the Hunger Winter of 1944-1945 (‘Voedsel, spoedig en radicaal!’ Voedseldistributie en hulpverlening in Amsterdam, Eindhoven en Groningen tijdens de Hongerwinter, 1944-1945). Ingrid is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam and the NIOD. In her research project The Hunger Winter reassessed, she investigates social responses to the Dutch food crisis in the period 1944-1946. This research is made possible by funding of the Institute for Culture and History.


Drs. I.J.J. de Zwarte