Peter Scholliers


Dr. Peter Scholliers is Professor of Contemporary History at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and head of the research group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel FOST (Social & Cultural Food Studies). He edited A Cultural History of Food (2012); Writing Food History (2012), Manger en Europe. Patrimoines, échanges, identités (2011), Food, Drink and Identity: Cooking, Eating and Drinking in Europe since the Middle Ages (2001), and is author of Wages, Manufacturers and Workers in the Nineteenth-Century Factory (1996); Food Culture in Belgium (2008).
He is a member of the editorial staff of Food & History, Food and Foodways and Food, Culture & Society. Peter Scholliers is vice president of the International Committee for the Research of European Food History (ICREFH) and he is a member of the Comité d’Orientation of the Institut Européen d’Histoire et des Cultures de l’Alimentation (IEHCA). As a member of Fost he supervised the PhD thesis of Daniëlle De Vooght, Anneke Geyzen and Maureen Duru, and co-supervised the thesis of Inge Mestdag and Wim Van Daele. Currently, he directs PhD-research (within FOST) of Joeri Januarius, Olivier de Maret, Filip Degreef, Karen Arijs, Jon Verriet, and Willem Scheire.